"P"-retty Dirty Secrets
Season One, Episode Eigteen
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"Battle of the Sexes"
"P"-retty Dirty Secrets is the eighteenth chapter in the fanfic, Glee: The Second Generation



  • P starts spreading the secrets of the members of New Directions
  • The secrets P spread ruined the reputations of some members
  • It is possible that P is in the New Directions or not in McKinley afterall

Secrets P will spread

  • Charlie and Kate's affair (only a few know about it and possibly the performance of Somethin' Stupid was just a gimmick)
  • Chriss' sexuality and also the relationship with DJ
  • Spencer's true sexuality
  • Franklin's possible feelings for Ariana and suicide attempt
  • David's past drug abuse and alchocol problem
  • Amelia's multiple boyfriends

Ariana​,Bridget,Spencer,Franklin and FranchesscaEdit

  • They continue to investigate about P
  • They suspect Mackenzie Jones is P
  • There investigation will lead to a shocking revealation which involves P's identity and her workers


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Gossip Heavy Cross Bridget Summers
Rumor Has It Adele Spencer Carter
A Secret Love Doris Day Kate Meyer
Paparazzi Lady Gaga Ariana Styles,Chriss Anderson,Franklin Montgomery and Franchessca Gray
Our Lips Are Sealed The Go Go's Spencer Carter and Franchessca Gray
Dirty Little Secrets The All-American Rejects Eden St.Gregory
Secrets One Republic New Direction