Amelia Meyer
General Information
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 17 (season 2)

16 (season 1)

Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Occupation(s): Student

Former New Directions member
Former McKinley Runaways member
Former Unitards member
Former Femme Fatale member
Former Vocal Adrenaline member

Aliases: Serena Van der Slut
Family & Friends
Family: Unnamed Parents

Kate Meyer (identical twin-sister)

Relationships: Cameron Summers (secret boyfriend,sexual)
Eden St.Gregory (ex-boyfriend)
Jesse Swanson (sexual,ended)

Walker Parker (ex-boyfriend)
Charlie Quint (kissed)
Harley Abrams (ex-boyfriend)
Sebastian Smythe (ex-boyfriend)
Franklin Montgomery (former-crush,seduced)
Multiple Boyfriends

Friends: Cameron Summers
Enemies: Kate Meyer

Chriss Bradley Anderson
Ariana Styles
Bridget Summers
Britney Jackson
Franchessca Gray
Franklin Montgomery
Spencer Carter
Nikki Levine
Luke Christopherson
Steffi Prescott
Harley Abrams
Charlie Quint

Other Information
Interests: Singing,Music,Boys
Clique: New Directions (former)

The McKinley Runaways (former)
The Unitards (former)
The Femme Fatales (former)

Education: William McKinley Highschool
Talent: Singing,Dancing
Series Information
First appearance: A Brand New Start
Portrayer: Taylor Swift
Amelia Julie Meyer is a main character in the fanfic, Glee: The Second Generation, she is first introduced in the chapter A Brand New Start as the twin sister of Kate Meyer and the new school bitch.

For her alter ego Kathy, click here


A Brand New StartEdit

Amelia made her first appearance in this episode. She is introduced as an antagonist and the new 'school bitch'. She pushes Chriss who is looking at the audition sheet for the New Directions.

Double TroubleEdit

She was mistaken to be her twin sister, Kate she then was pranked by Ariana,Charlie,Chriss and Eden.

Old Rivals,New RivalsEdit

She joins the New Directions with Cameron and at first everybody did not like the idea, excluding for Franklin noting that she deserves a second chance and she then shows interest in him. She also performs Constant Craving

The Back Up PlanEdit

She fully shows her interest on Franklin by seducing him which she fails, she then performs with the New Directions and The Troubletones in Invitationals

The Monster MashEdit

She attends the Glee club's Halloween Party dressed as the Black Swan

Opposites InteractEdit

Amelia had a fight with Kate about Franklin but she somehow loses, and it is revealed that Eden is somehow inlove with her.

Worth Fighting ForEdit

She auditions for the main solo in Sectionals with the song "Superhuman" by Chris Brown ft. Keri Hilson with Eden, although the performance was great she did not won the solo


She receives a solo for the group number


She only made a brief appearance in this chapter

So It BeginsEdit

Along with Eden,Cameron and Spencer they defect to The Troubletones which is now known as The McKinley Runaways.

It's Britney, BitchEdit

She spies on the New Directions and informs Sue that they are doing Britney Spears songs.

The Black SwanEdit

Amelia plays a major role in this episode. She gives Kate some pills that would give her temporary amnesia and then she proceeded into fooling Kate that she is Amelia, after Kate switches her identity as a black-haired Amelia she then creates an alter-ego named Kathy that would copy Kate.


Amelia was first introduced as an antagonist.She is the more serious one of the twins. She is sarcastic and some what stubborn. She has very firm beliefs and will not change them, she doesn't exactly approve of her sister's sexuality but she understands that Kate can't change the way she is. She is very sensitive and defensive. She rarely show other people her vulnerable side. Like her sister, she cannot help but help people in need. Unlike her sister though, she doesn't care about another persons happiness and doesn't mind ruining it if it means getting what she wants, especially when she likes a guy. It is implied that she is using her bitchness and sarcasm as an emotional shield.


Walker ParkerEdit

In The Pursuit/Recruit Project, it is revealed that Amelia and Walker are dating, however Franklin does not favor Walker's relationship with Amelia. It is unknown how they mey but their relationship started over the summer

In World War Regionals, it is revealed that they have broken up after Walker refused to have sex with Amelia

Cameron SummersEdit

In A Very Swiftie Valentine's Day it is revealed they have been secretly seeing eachother ever since A Twist in Regionals, they occasionally have sex.

Eden St.GregoryEdit

Eden admits to himself in Opposites Interact that he is inlove with Amelia

As show in The Pursuit/Recruit Project they are secretly dating

In Evicted!, when Amelia is kicked out in New Directions she breaks up with Eden because he refused to have sex with her. Eden is emotionally hurt and breaksdown in tears.

Harley AbramsEdit

In A Sudden Turn of Events, Amelia introduces Harley as his boyfriend to The McKinley Runaways

In Battle of the Sexes, it is revealed that Amelia has broken up with Harley.

Sebastian SmytheEdit

At some point in A Twist in Regionals, Amelia breaks up with Sebastian. It is unkown when their relationship started.

Franklin MontgomeryEdit

Amelia seduces Franklin in Opposites Interact and shows interest in him

Charlie QuintEdit

In The Bitch's Den, Charlie accidentally kisses Amelia thinking she is Kate

Jesse SwansonEdit

In World War Regionals Amelia and Jesse had sex.



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