Chriss Bradley Anderson
General Information
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 17 (season 2)

16 (season 1)

Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: 1996
Address: Lima, Ohio
Occupation(s): Student
New Directions member, Cheerios member
Aliases: Celyn,Celina,Daffodail Anderson's Younger Bisexual Brother (Sue)
Chri-Chri (Franklin)

Chriss (almost everyone)
Little Brother (Blaine)
A Young Sex on a Stick (Sebastian)
My Ex-Future Brother-in-Law (Kurt)

Family & Friends
Family: Unnamed father

Cooper Anderson (older-brother)
Blaine Anderson (older-brother)

Relationships: DJ Smythe-Pierce (fiancée/boyfriend,sexual;in love with)
Franklin Montgomery

Mercedes Jones
Blaine Anderson
(former secret crush)

Friends: Ariana Styles (bestfriend)

Franchessca Gray (bestfriend)
Franklin Montgomery (bestfriend)
DJ Smythe-Pierce
Kate Meyer
Eden St.Gregory
Bridget Summers
Walker Parker
Natalia Wilson
Walker Parker

Enemies: Amelia Meyer

Charlie Quint
Britney Jackson
Carina Maraj

Other Information
Interests: Music,Boys,Girls
Clique: New Directions

The McKinley Runaways (former)

Education: William McKinley High School
Talent: Singing,Dancing,Rapping
Vulnerabilities: Having feelings for someone
Strengths: Vocal chords
Series Information
First appearance: A Brand New Start
Portrayer: Logan Lerman
Christopher Bradley Anderson is one of the main character in the fanfic Glee: The Second Generation

This character is created by REBƎLReloaded formerly ClevanOTP but really formerly called Trae209 and is portrayed by Logan Lerman


He is Blaine's younger brother, but unfortunately, he makes it like he is his boyfriend, because he secretly has a crush on his own brother. He is close friends with Kurt, Mercedes, Santana, Tina, Puck and Artie, and his most competition is Finn and Rachel. He dislikes their talent. He has a crush on his own brother and he formerly dated Mercedes, Mercedes decided to take their relationship slowly.


He's sweet, sensitive, he can sometimes be a bitch if you get on his bad side, he's bisexual, but he's mostly attracted to guys, he's honestly a virgin and he refuses to have sex until he's in college.

But in Get Sexy, he loses his virginity to DJ Smythe-Pierce, thinking that it would be silly going to New York a virgin.


DJ Smythe-PierceEdit

He and DJ first met at the Lima Bean in the episode "Skyfall, he is flirted by DJ and he seems not to be interested but then when he was asked to make-out they did, when they we're making out they we're disturbed by Ariana calling Chriss through the phone, after their make-out session they exchange mobile numbers and promise to finish what they started.

In The Black Swan, they are revealed to be dating

In Duets Deluxe, they had a mentoring/make-out session

In The Bitch's Den, they are officially a couple when DJ joined New Directions and declared his love for Chriss via In Your Eyes

Franklin MontgomeryEdit

As shown in early episodes Chriss and Franklin are close friends, but as mentioned in It's Britney, Bitch they are bestfriends.

In Opposites Interact, they perform a mash-up of Rihanna's "Red Lipstick" and Nicki Minaj's "Saxon"

In L'inattendu they perform Don't Cry for Me Argentina from the musical Evita, this marks their second duet

As of The Black Swan Chriss and Ariana confess to eachother that they both have a crush on Franklin

In A Twist in Regionals Chriss is shown to be angry when he thought Franklin and Blaine had sex

In The Bitch's Den they perform Wake Me Up (Before You Go-Go), this marks their third duet

In Battle of the Sexes they perform a mash-up of Darren Criss' "Sami" and Europe's "Carrie" dedicating it to Ariana, this marks their fourth duet

In When the Big Apple....Bites they go to NYADA in hopes of early admissions by forcing themselves inside the NYADA Round Room, Carmen Tibideux lets them perform, they sang Barbra Streisand's version of Billy Joel's New York State of Mind, this marks their fifth duet

In Confessions of a New Direction Member, Chriss sings "I Don't Know How to Love Him" to Franklin.

Blaine AndersonEdit

He treats his older brother like a boyfriend and he has a secret crush on his own brother.

Mercedes JonesEdit

He and Mercedes we're a couple but she broke up with him because she wanted to take their relationship slowly because Mercedes isn't ready and he is too young for her.


  • Lost his virginity to DJ Smythe-Pierce. (Get Sexy)
  • Has a crush on his own brother (Blaine Anderson)
  • His favorite singer is Rihanna
  • Just like his older-brother, his first 'real' love interest is a member of a rival glee club.
  • At some point he is friends with the alumnis of the New Directions, excluding Finn and Rachel.
  • Sue constantly calls him "Celyn"
  • Along with Franklin,Harley and DJ, they are related to the alumnis of New Directions.



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