Season Two, Episode Eighteen
Logan Lerman 2
Episode Guide
"Imagine A World Without Eden"
Diamonds is the eighteenth chapter in the fanfic, Glee: The Second Generation. This episode marks a Rihanna tribute

This tribute episode features Chriss Bradley Anderson


A contest is held where Rihanna performs in a public school, McKinley High wins the contest and Chriss is hired as Rihanna's permanent assistant. Meanwhile the New Directions are asked to perform with Rihanna at her mini-concert. Will Chriss befriend his idol?


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)

What's My Name?

Rihanna feat. Drake Chriss Bradley Anderson and DJ Smythe-Pierce
Hard Rihanna Chriss Bradley Anderson
Drunk on Love
Te Amo Franchessca Gray
You da One Franklin Montgomery and DJ Smythe-Pierce
Umbrella Rihanna and New Directions
Raining Men Rihanna feat. Nicki Minaj
Nobody's Business Rihanna feat. Chris Brown Chriss Bradley Anderson and DJ Smythe-Pierce

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