For The First Time is an upcoming episode in the fanfic, Glee: The Second Generation.


In this episode the New Directions perform Hairspray for the school musical and some couples (Franklin and Ariana) are planning on having sex. One Direction also returns to McKinley High. Louis helps Franklin with his acting. Niall and Kate interact once again. Will the musical be a success? And will Ariana and Franklin have sex?


Ariana and Franklin are on a bed. Ariana is resting her head on Franklin's chest

"Babe?" Ariana muttered

"Yeah?" Franklin said

"If we ever have children." Ariana said "What will we name them?"

Franklin laughs "Uhm, if we ever have a girl, i wanna name her Chloe. How bout you?"

"If we ever have a girl, i wanna name her Caroline." Ariana said "And if we have a boy, i want to name him Franklin Jr."

Franklin chuckled "That's too cute. Well, I want to name him Tommy. Not Thomas just Tommy." 

"Where do you wanna live? If we have a family?" Ariana asked

"New York." Franklin said with a smile "You?"

"The UK, I want them to grow there." Ariana said

"I'm a little curious. Why are we talking about this?" Franklin asked

"Nothing. Talking about our future relieves my stress." Ariana said

"I love you." Franklin said

"I love you too." Ariana said

Franklin then kissed Ariana she kisses back when Franklin pulled away Ariana grabbed his neck and deepened the kiss she then climbs on top of him and she then starts kissing and biting his neck giving him a hickey