It's Britney, Bitch
Season One, Episode Twelve
First Aired April 19,2013
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"The Black Swan"
It's Britney, Bitch is the twelfth chapter on the fanfic, Glee: The Second Generation.


When Mr. Schue leaves the glee club to the alumnis, The kids are given an assignment to sing "Britney Spears" some are excited while others are not happy with the assignment, Franklin continues to find out what happened between him and Kate, also Ariana and Cameron will face their first relationship problem involving Franklin, As the New Directions perform for the annual homecoming assembly Franklin's actions will cause huge problems.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Hold It Against Me Britney Spears Britney Jackson with the Cheerios
Oops!... I Did It Again Ariana Styles
...Baby One More Time Franklin Montgomery and Walker Parker
Sometimes Ariana Styles with New Directions (excluding Franklin)
Womanizer Charlie Quint and David Hastings
My Prerogative The McKinley Runaways
Till The World Ends (Femme Fatale Remix) Britney Spears feat. Nicki Minaj New Directions
Everytime Britney Spears Franklin Montgomery


The episode opens with Kurt,Rachel and Santana sitting at the football field stands

"Guys, how about Barbra Streisand?" Rachel asked

"Seriously Berry? do you think they know her?" Santana said

"You gotta point there" Rachel said

"How bout Duran Duran?" Kurt asked

"No, that's just bad" Santana said

"Well, we should think better and faster, because Mr. Schuester trusted us with taking over the glee club and where the hell is Finn, he should've been here ages ago?" Rachel said

Then Kurt and Santana looked at eachother with curious faces


At the hallways, a blonde girl is walking with two other girls at her side

"Who is that girl?" a student said

"Yeah she looks great" a boy said

"She might be Britney Jackson" a girl said

"The new co-captain of the Cheerios?" a guy said

"Quinn Fabray wannabe" a female student said

Then Britney stops walking and went to the person that said that she is a Quinn Fabray wannabe

"Excuse me" Britney said with a smile

"Yes?" the girl asked

"If i ever heard you say that again, i will get your parents kidnapped and send them to Tribeca" Britney said then leaves

"Who do you think you are?" the girl said

Britney stopped walking and faced the girl "It's Britney, Bitch" then she proceeded walking with Hold It Against Me as the background music


Then she enters the football field wearing a Cheerios uniform with multiple cheerleaders, Rachel,Santana,Brittany,Finn,Tina and Blaine looked at the football field to watch

Britney went to the middle and started singing "Hey, over there Please, forgive me If I'm comin' on too strong Hate to stare But, you're winnin' And they're playin' my favorite song So, come here A little closer Wanna whisper in your ear Make it clear A little question Wanna know just how you feel"

"She's good" Santana said

"If I said my heart was beating loud If we could escape the crowd somehow If I said I want your body now Would you hold it against me? 'Cause, you feel like paradise And I need a vacation tonight So, if I said I want your body now Would you hold it against me?" Britney sang with the Cheerios

Then the Cheerios started dancing "If I said I want your body Would you hold it against me?" Britney sang 

"Give me somethin' good Don't wanna wait I want it now Pop it like a hood And show me how you work it out" Britney sang with the Cheerios

"If I said my heart was beating loud If we could escape the crowd somehow If I said I want your body now Would you hold it against me? 'Cause, you feel like paradise And I need a vacation tonight So, if I said I want your body now Would you hold it against me?" Britney sang with the Cheerios while dancing

After the performance, Brittany,Santana and Kurt we're clapping then Rachel has a smile on her face.

"Finn, do you think what i'm thinking?" Rachel asked

"No" Finn said

Then Kurt,Santana,Brittany,Tina and Rachel looked at Finn and said in unison "It's Britney, Bitch"

Then Finn sighs "Not again"

                                        __________TITLE CARD__________

Finn,Rachel,Santana,Brittany,Kurt,Blaine and Tina enter the choir room

"Listen up, gang" Finn said

"Don't tell us what to do" Ariana said

"Okay, as you've all heard, Mr. Schuester will be gone until Regionals so he left the glee club to all of us, the graduates" Finn said

"Well, what about college?" Franchessca asked

"Yeah, we all know how much love Glee club, but what about your studies?" Franklin said

"Well, i don't go to college" Finn said

"And me,Kurt and Blaine are given any time to leave College just as we're helping the Glee club" Rachel said "We'll get credit for it."

"Awesome" Franklin said

"Enough, okay so Brittany why don't you do the honors?" Finn said and hands her a black marker

"Don't mind if i do" Brittany said then went to the white board to write something

Brittany then starts writing something on the white board

"IT'S BRITTANY, BITCH!" written on the board

"Uhm, Brittany your spelling is wrong." Blaine said

"I know" Brittany said

"Anyways, this week is the homecoming assembly and the Glee club is asked to perform at the assembly and we suggest Britney Spears" Rachel said

Then everybody was excited

"Oh my god, i love Britney" Franchessca said

"She totally inspires me" Ariana said

"What i told you Finn? Britney Spears is perfect" Rachel said

Then Finn rolls his eyes

"Okay, so who wants to give an example?" Kurt asked

Ariana raised her hand

"Yes, Ariana?" Finn said then Ariana stood up and went up front.

"This is probably my favorite Britney Spears song" Ariana said then points to the band

The pianist then starts playing a piano version of Oops!... I Did It Again, everybody was happily watching

"This is for you Franklin." Ariana said, then Franklin smiled

Ariana then walked to Franklin and started singing "I think I did it again I made you believe we're more than just friends Oh baby It might seem like a crush But it doesn't mean that I'm serious 'Cause to lose all my senses That is just so typically me Oh baby, baby"

Then Amelia is seen spying with a confused expression on her face

Then everybody was confused also

"Oops!...I did it again I played with your heart, got lost in the game Oh baby, baby Oops!...You think I'm in love That I'm sent from above I'm not that innocent" Ariana sang

"You see my problem is this I'm dreaming away Wishing that heroes, they truly exist I cry, watching the days Can't you see I'm a fool in so many ways But to lose all my senses That is just so typically me Baby, oh" Ariana sang

Ariana then danced and sang"Oops!...I did it again I played with your heart, got lost in the game Oh baby, baby Oops!...You think I'm in love That I'm sent from above I'm not that innocent" 

After the performance everybody clapped, except for Franklin

"Yeah! that's what i'm talking about" Rachel said

Franklin then looked at Ariana


Amelia quickly enters Sue's office

"Coach Sylvester!" Amelia said

"What do you want Amora?" Sue said

"I have a crime that i would like to report." Amelia said

"What is it?" Sue asked

"The New Directions, they're doing Britney songs" Amelia said

Sue then stands up with shock "Oh my"

"Coach what are we going to do?" Cameron asked

"Oh Cameron, your girlfriend might have something to tell you." Amelia said

"What is it?" Cameron asked

"Oops!... i spilled the beans" Amelia said with a smile, then Cameron rolls his eyes

Then Britney Jackson entered Sue's office

"Coach, there's a situation at the gym, the Cheerios are killing eachother" Britney said

"Britney, i have a special task for you." Sue said

"What?" Britney asked then Sue did an evil smirk


Franklin is by his locker then Britney approached him

"Hi" Britney said with a smile

"Uhm, hi, who are you?" Franklin asked

"I'm Britney Jackson, the new co-captain of the Cheerios, you're Franklin Montgomery right?" Britney said

"How do you know me?" Franklin asked with a shocked expression

"Duh, your whole puching jock incident is clearly legendary, i worship you." Britney said

"Uh, thanks" Franklin said then closed his locker and starts walking then Britney followed him

"So listen, i know about Kate" Britney said

"What are you talking about?" Franklin said

"Don't play dumb with me okay, i'm trying to help you" Britney said

"Helping me how?" Franklin asked

"You need to join the Cheerios, because Kate digs on guys who are in the Cheerleading team" Britney said

"So?" Franklin asked

"So? i know you still like her" Britney said

"Fine, i still like her." Franklin said "But i don't think joining the Cheerios will do me any good."

"And do you think that reindeer sweater your wearing will do you any good?" Britney said while pointing her finger on his chest

"Alright fine, i'll join" Franklin said

"Okay, go to the football field because your audition starts right about now" Britney said then leaves

Franklin then stops walking then smiles


At Dalton Academy, Walker is sitting doing different caligraphy of the word "LOVE" then suddenly the door opened

"Walks, time for your audition" a Warbler said

"I'll be there" Walker said then the door closed and then he looks at his notebook "I'll feel this someday."


At the Football field stands, the New Directions, The Alumnis and The McKinley Runaways are sitting

Suddenly the Cheerios came out of the football field stands with Britney and Franklin

"Seriously? what are they doing here?" Franklin asked

"Well, it would be awesome if they were here to watch" Britney said

"Fine" Franklin said

"Get on with it!" Sue shouts with a megaphone which caught the attention of the Glee clubs and the graduates

"Uhm i'm Franklin Montgomery and i would like to join the Cheerios" Franklin said

"What is he planning?" Kurt said

"I don't know, i don't like it" Franchessca said

Franklin,Britney and the Cheerios then went to position, Baby One More Time then starts playing.

Then the crowd starts cheering

"Oh, baby, Oh, baby, baby" Franklin sang 

Franklin then starts dancing and then begins singing with the Cheerios "Oh, baby, baby How was I supposed to know That something wasn't right, yeah"

Then the scene switches at Dalton Academy

"Oh, baby, baby I shouldn't have let you go And now you're out of sight, yeah" Walker sang with The Warblers

"Show me how you want it to be Tell me" Franklin sang with the Cheerios

"Baby 'Cause I need to know now what we've got" Walker sang

"My loneliness is killing me (with the Cheerios:and I)" Franklin sang

"I must confess I still believe" Walker sang

"Still" Franklin sang

"Believe" Walker sang

"When I'm not with you I lose my mind Give me a sign" Franklin sang with the Cheerios while dancing

"Hit me, baby one more time" Walker sang

"Oh, baby, baby" Franklin sang

"Yeah, hey" Walker sang

"Oh, baby, baby" Franklin sang

"Yeah, hey, yeah Oh, baby, baby How was I supposed to know" Walker sang

"Oh, pretty baby I shouldn't have let you go" Franklin and Marley sang

"I must confess" Walker sang

"That my loneliness" Franklin sang

"Is killing me now" Walker sang

"Don't you know I still (with Cheerios: still believe)" Franklin sang

"When I'm not with you I lose my mind" Walker sang with the Warblers

"Give me a sign" Franklin sang

"Hit me, baby one more time" Franklin and Walker sang

At Dalton, after the performance the Warblers are clapping for Marley, but Walker has a confused look on his face

At McKinley, after the performance everybody clapped for Franklin, Blaine,Santana,Tina and Ariana gave him a standing applause, then Franklin smiles at Ariana then Cameron notices it.

Sue then comes down and turns on her megaphone "Congratulations! you're in!" 

Franklin then starts jumping with joy, Britney seems happy for him

"You and Britney will be my co-captains" Sue said then leaves

Franklin then stops jumping and hugs Britney, at the back Britney has an evil smile on her face.


Ariana,Cameron,Franchessca,David and Spencer are walking by the hallways.

"Man, what is Franklin thinking of joining the Cheerios?" David said

"What do you mean?" Spencer asked

"I mean, Coach Sylvester hates us and why in the world would she accept Franklin in the Cheerios? and promote him to co-captain?" David said

"Well, he was amazing during his performance" Ariana said

"Yeah and Franklin would be a great secret weapon, he can melt female cheerleaders with just one wink and smirk" Franchessca said

"Speaking of Franklin, Ariana i wanna talk to you about something" Cameron said

"What?" Ariana asked

"Did you performed a Britney song for Franklin?" Cameron asked

"What?" Ariana said

"Did you or did you not sang Oops!... I Did It Again to Franklin?" Cameron asked

"No! i didn't" Ariana said with a raised voice

"Uhm, Aria we're just gonna go" Franchessca said then leaves with Spencer and David

"Well, somebody told me you sang it to him" Cameron said

"Okay fine! i sang it to him, i don't see what the big deal is?" Ariana said

"The big deal is you sang a love song to someone else" Cameron said

"Cameron, calm down, he's just my bestfriend" Ariana said

"That's what i was afraid about" Cameron said

"What are you saying?" Ariana asked

"You and Franklin being bestfriends, i don't like it" Cameron said

"Cameron, before you and i we're together, me and Franklin we're friends" Ariana said

"I don't care! i just don't like it when the two of you are together, especially the way he looks at you" Cameron said

"Cameron! for god's sake, we're just friends! me and Franklin are never gonna happen because he told me can be gay for Blaine Anderson and he's still finding out what happened between him and Kate, so the way i see it i'm not doing anything wrong, Cameron i love you, i love you, you we're the first boy i loved and hopefully you will be the last." Ariana said then all the students we're looking at them

Then they saw Franchessca and Spencer listening to them

"Hey, we're just you know uhm chilling" Franchessca said

"You really mean it?" Cameron asked

"Yes, i love you" Ariana said

"Then, prove it" Cameron said

"I will" Ariana said then leaves


At the choir room, The McKinley Runaways enter

"What are you guys doing in here?" Kate asked

"Finn and Rachel, summoned us" Eden said

"Yeah, and as much as i hate being here, i couldn't resist" Amelia said

Then, The McKinley Runaways sat down.

"Okay guys, here's the deal, tomorrow is the assembly and since Sue isn't around, we should collaborate for the performance" Finn said

"So, we thought maybe all of you want to be the opening act for the New Directions" Tina said

"Hell to the--" Amelia said

"YES!" Bridget shouted

"What?" Amelia said

"Coach Sylvester gave me rights, so shut up" Bridget said

Amelia then rolls her eyes

"Okay, so we recommend a Britney Spears song, so Ariana are you ready?" Kurt said

"Yeah" Ariana said then stands up

"I got a bad feeling about her performance" Franchessca whispered to Spencer

"Why?" Spencer asked

"I don't know" Franchessca said

"Listen up, y'all my first performance was a mistake, sorry Franklin" Ariana said

"I understand" Franklin said

"So, for my second Britney attempt, i would like to dedicate this to Cameron Robert Summers" Ariana said

Then Cameron smiles and the music starts playing

Ariana then starts singing "You tell me you're in love with me Like you can't take your pretty eyes away from me It's not that I don't want to stay But every time you come too close I move away"

"I wanna believe in everything that you say 'Cause it sounds so good But if you really want me move slow There's things about me you just have to know" Ariana sang

Cameron then smiles and the New Directions starts singing with her

"Sometimes I run (with New Directions: sometimes) Sometimes I hide Sometimes I'm scared of you But all I really want is to hold you tight Treat you right, be with you day and night All I really want is to hold you tight Treat you right, be with you day and night Baby all I need is time" Ariana sang with New Directions

"Just hang around and you'll see There's nowhere I'd rather be If you love me, trust in me The way that I trust in you" Ariana sang 

Franklin then looks upset, Blaine,Tina and Santana noticed him.

"Sometimes I run (ND: sometimes) Sometimes I hide Sometimes I'm scared of you But all I really want is to hold you tight Treat you right, be with you day and night (ND: day and night)" Ariana sang with New Directions

"All I really want is to hold you tight Be with you day and night" Ariana sang 

After the performance, everybody clapped except for Franklin, then Cameron stood up to go to Ariana

Cameron then hugged Ariana

"Now, i believe you" Cameron said then kisses Ariana

Then everybody clapped

"So, will you stop being jealous?" Ariana asked

"Yeah, okay" Cameron said with a smile

"Franklin! you heard that? Cameron is okay now with our friendship" Ariana said

"Really? you don't say?" Franklin sarcasticly said then stands up

"Hey Franklin, what's wrong?" Ariana said then held Franklin's shoulder

"Hey! don't touch me, seriously" Franklin said

"Franklin, what is your problem?" Ariana said

Franklin then smiles and laughs a little "Everything, everything is my problem,i wish Ms. Corcoran should've just gotten an abortion when she was pregnant with me" Franklin said

"Wait, what did you just said?" Rachel said

"And i wish i never met you" Franklin said then leaves the choir room

"God, Franklin has an amazing ass with that Cheerio uniform" Amelia said

Then Franchessca glared at her

"What?" Amelia asked

Ariana was confused and upset about what Franklin said


The next day, 1 hour before the assembly performance

Charlie is alone in the choir room , suddenly David arrives

"What the hell do you want?" Charlie asked

"I wanna talk to you about what you did to Franklin" David said

"You too?" Charlie asked

"Yes, why? Franklin treated you like a brother" David said

"Listen, back off dude! all of this happened before you came in this Glee club, so shut up" Charlie said

"You know what you are?" David asked

"What?" Charlie asked then David pointed to the band and Womanizer starts playing

"I knew where this was going" Charlie said

David starts singing "Superstar Where you from, hows it going? I know you Gotta clue, what you're doing? You can play brand new to all the other chicks out here But I know what you are, what you are, baby"

Then Charlie stood up and starts singing "Look at you Gettin more than just a re-up Baby, you Got all the puppets with their strings up Faking like a good one, but I call 'em like I see 'em I know what you are, what you are, baby"

"Womanizer, Woman, Womanizer You're a Womanizer, oh Womanizer oh You're a Womanizer, baby You you you are, You you you are Womanizer, Womanizer, Womanizer (David: Womanizer)" Charlie and David sang

"Boy, don't try to front I know just what you are Boy, don't try to front I know just what you are" David sang

"You got me goin' You're oh so charmin' But I can do it You Womanizer" Charlie sang 

"Maybe if we both lived in a different world" David sang

"Womanizer, Womanizer, Womanizer, Womanizer" Charlie sang

"It would be all good, and maybe I could be your girl, but I can't cause we don't" David sang

"Womanizer, Woman, Womanizer You're a Womanizer, oh Womanizer oh You're a Womanizer, baby You you you are, you you you are Womanizer, Womanizer, Womanizer (Charlie:Womanizer)" David and Charlie sang 

"Boy, don't try to front I know just what you are (David: Don't even try)" Charlie sang 

"Boy, don't try to front I know just what you are" David sang 

"You got me goin' You're oh so charmin' But I can do it Womanizer" Charlie sang

Suddenly, the New Directions,The McKinley Runaways and the alumnis arrive

"What is going on?" Rachel said

Then Charlie and David started walking in circles and pushing eachother like they are having a diva-off "Boy, don't try to front I know just what you are Boy, don't try to front I know just what you are Womanizer, Woman, Womanizer You're a Womanizer Oh Womanizer oh You're a Womanizer, baby"

Suddenly David punched Charlie then they began to punch eachother

Rachel then starts screaming, Finn and Cameron then tried to cut the fight

"What is wrong with the both of you?" Finn angrily asked

"Why don't you ask Robin from the Hood" Charlie said then leaves the choir room

Then everybody was shocked, especially Franchessca


4:30 P.M. The Assembly Performance

At the assembly all the students are making noises then Principal Figgins walks on stage.

"Quiet children, please" Figgins said

"Figgins! you rock!" a student screamed

Chriss peeked at the curtains "So, this a very kicking school year and it is very exciting...." Figgins said

"God, doesn't he get tired speaking....and breathing?" Chriss said

"You can't blame him, he's just an old dude doing his job." David said

"Well, we're tired of him doing his job." Amelia said

The other members are stretching and doing vocal warm-ups

Franklin is then at the other side tying his shoe laces, then Ariana approched her.

"Franklin, i wanna talk to you" Ariana said

"I don't" Franklin said without even facing Ariana

"What is your problem? why do you have to say those things in the choir room?" Ariana asked

"You don't get it do you? i got ninety-nine problems and you are one." Franklin said then leaves

Then Ariana pulled Franklin "What does that even mean?!"

Franklin then scoffs and clicks his tongue "It just means what it means, okay?" 

"I don't understand you!" Ariana shouted

"That's the problem! nobody understands me." Franklin said then the alumnis and the glee kids are watching them

"Because you keep pushing people away! people that actually care about you." Ariana said

"Like who?" Franklin asked with teary eyes

"Like Ms.Corcoran, she's your mom" Ariana said

"What?" Blaine,Santana and Tina said in unison

"First of all, she's not my mom, she's just my mother, i can't even call her mom and she said so herself, she can't be my mom and i can't be her son, anyone else?" Franklin said

"Kate" Ariana said

"First of all, i did not pushed Kate away! she went astray and went to Charlie" Franklin said

"That's what you think happened? Franklin you're too immature and obnoxious to be a boyfriend to any girl, that's why you should just die single!" Ariana said then covered her mouth then everyone watching was shocked.

Franklin then was stunned about what Ariana said 

"No, i didn't meant it" Ariana said while trying to hold Franklin

"Don't touch me, please." Franklin said

"I didn't mean it, i'm sorry." Ariana said

"I thought you we're my bestfriend and that you would understand my shitty drama, now i know you're just like everybody else." Franklin said then leaves

Ariana was speechless and then starts to cry, Bridget,Spencer and Franchessca came out to comfort her.

Bridget then hugged Ariana "It's okay A"

"I'm a terrible friend" Ariana said while crying

"No you're not, Franklin just missinterpreted what you said." Franchessca said

"No, while i was saying it, i felt like i was saying something right, i was just angry,sad and confused." Ariana said

"That's what happen when you're mad, you say things, hurtful things." Spencer said

Then the three girls continued to comfort Ariana


Franklin then sits by the lockers, suddenly Tina,Blaine and Santana arrive

"Franklin what happened back there?" Tina asked

"Why? do you even care?" Franklin said

"Ofcourse Franklin, we care about you." Blaine said

"You don't really mean that." Franklin motionlessly said

"We mean it, because everytime we see you, we see ourselves." Santana said

"Unloved" Tina said

"Misunderstood." Blaine said

"Just trying to look for a place in this world." Santana said

"People care for you and it's about time you realize that, i care for you" Blaine said

"Thank you Blaine,Tina and Santana" Franklin said

"Now can we ask you something?" Santana asked

"About Shelby Corcoran being my biological mother?" Franklin said

"Yes" Tina said

"Booyah." Franklin said

Then Blaine,Tina and Santana we're shocked

"You should get back." Santana said

"Yeah, you're about to perform." Tina said

"Okay." Franklin said then stands up

"You're gonna be okay?" Blaine asked

"Yeah, i think." Franklin said then left

"Now guys, about what he said--" Blaine said

"Rachel has a brother?!" Tina and Santana said in unison

"I know, i'm shocked." Blaine said


At The Gymnasium (New Directions + The McKinley Runaways' Performance)

The lights are off, then suddenly a spotlight went on stage then Bridget stepped forward.

Bridget then started walking and talking "People can take everything away from you but they can never take away your truth but the question is.. can you handle mine?"

The music started playing and the students are cheering

The girls then started dancing and Bridget started singing "They say I'm crazy I really don't care That's my prerogative They say I'm nasty But I don't give a damn Getting boys is how I live Some ask me questions Why am I so real? But they don't understand me I really don't know the deal about my sister Trying hard to make it right Not long ago Before I won this fight"

The boys then came out and started dancing

"Everybody's talking all this stuff about me Why don't they just let me live? I don't need permission, make my own decisions That's my prerogative that's my prerogative  (With the boys:it's my prerogative)" Bridget sang with The McKinley Runaways

"It's the way that I wanna live (With the Girls:it's my prerogative) You can’t tell me what to do" Bridget sang

"Don't get me wrong I'm really not souped Ego trips is not my thing All these strange relationships really gets me down I see nothing wrong in spreading myself around" Bridget sang with The McKinley Runaways

"Everybody's talking all this stuff about me Why don't they just let me live? I don't need permission, make my own decisions That's my prerogative That’s my prerogative" Bridget sang

Bridget then started dancing and singing with The McKinley Runaways "Everybody's talking all this stuff about me Why don't they just let me live? I don't need permission, make my own decisions That's my prerogative that's my prerogative"

After the performance, the students clapped and the club tooked a bow and left the stage.

Then Principal Figgins went upstage

"Okay, children, that was our first treat and the second, please give it up for the New Directions." Figgins said

Then some students clapped, jocks and cheerleaders did not clapped.

Till The World Ends then started playing and the New Directions came out,also The McKinley Runaways and starts dancing, the students then started cheering.

Britney then comes out and starts singing "This kitten got your tongue tied in knots, I see Spit it out cause I'm dying for company"

Finn and Rachel then arrive and sit beside Blaine,Tina,Kurt,Brittany and Santana

"What did we miss?" Rachel asked

"Not a thing" Santana said

"I notice that you got it You notice that I want it You know that I can take it To the next level, baby If you want this good-ish Sicker than the remix Baby, let me blow your mind Tonight" Britney sang with New Directions and The McKinley Runaways

"I can't take it, take it, take no more Never felt like, felt like this before Come on get me, get me on the floor DJ what you, what you waiting for?" Ariana sang

Then the New Directions and The McKinley Runaways started dancing and singing "Woah oh oh oh oh oh ohhh Woah oh oh oh oh oh ohhh Woah oh oh oh oh oh ohhh Woah oh oh oh oh oh ohhh Woah oh oh oh oh oh ohhh Woah oh oh oh oh oh ohhh Woah oh oh oh oh oh ohhh Woah oh oh oh oh oh ohhh"

"See the sunlight, we ain't stopping Keep on dancing till the world ends If you feel it let it happen Keep on dancing till the world ends Keep on dancing till the world ends Keep on dancing till the world ends" Ariana and Britney sang

Franklin then comes out and says "Remix"

Franklin then starts rapping and the New Directions and The McKinley Runaways looked confused "Ay, Chimpanzee's is hatin', but I take it all in stride"

"What is he doing?" Rachel asked

"The Femme Fatale Remix" Brittany said

"This is not good." Finn said

The New Directions and The McKinley Runaways then starts dancing and Franklin continues rapping "Put her in a jungle with bananas on the side Told you they'd revive your career but somebody lied I ain't talking poultry when I say this chicken's

"Friiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeed" Franklin belts out with the New Directions and The McKinley Runaways

Britney then went to Franklin and starts dancing "Anyway Britney, why they so jealous that you teamed up with' me? Tell 'em they my son, yup, gyal 'em a mi pickney Anyway, burned Breadale' What's that? I don't know what Femme Fatale"

Then Franklin looked at Kate and Charlie sexually dancing while rapping "Sniff, sniff, cries, I done slayed your whole entire fucking life"

"This is not good." Blaine said

Franklin then starts walking "Oh oh, you got some Epsom Salt I done balled all day you ain't touched the court"  

Franklin then went to Charlie while the New Directions are rapping with him "What? What you tired? You need a break?"

"You was hot when?"Ricki Lake! Ow!" Franklin rapped then suddenly punched Charlie on the face and attacked him.

Then the girls of New Directions and The McKinley Runaways started screaming while Charlie and Franklin are fighting

The students then are chanting "Fight"

Cameron and Chriss then tried to cut the fight by pulling one from another

"I am going to kill you!" Franklin shouted

Rachel and Finn then did a facepalm at the same time. 


At The Choir Room

Franklin's wounds we're being healed by Franchessca and Ariana

Blaine,Tina,Brittany,Santana and Kurt then arrive

Charlie's wounds we're being healed by Kate

"You okay baby?" Kate asked

"Yeah." Charlie said

Finn and Rachel then storm in rage inside the choir room

Finn then points at Franklin "What we're you thinking?!"

"Causing a fight during a performance?" Rachel said

"And without any acknowledgement from your team mates, you change the arrangement of the song." Finn said

"What's wrong with you?!" Rachel and Finn asked in unison

Franchessca was about to speak then Kate spoke first

" I know what's wrong with him, it's his attitude, he's a really really bad person." Kate said

"Kate?" Franchessca said

"Yeah?" Kate said

"Did your dad ever told you to shut up?" Franchessca asked

"You're wrong Kate, Franklin is not a bad person." Finn said

"He's a terrible person!" Rachel said

"What?!" Chriss,Blaine,Tina,Santana,Ariana and Franchessca said in unison

"Yeah, we get it know." Rachel said

"You're bitter and mad because Kate loves Charlie more than you." Rachel said

"And so you beat the living crap out of him, during the performance." Finn said

"Wait, wait woah! Finn and Rachel, calm your tits and your mouths Franklin is not a bad person or terrible person." Chriss said

"Yeah, because he's a horrible person, he attacked me without any reason." Charlie said

"Shut it you Prince of Pedophiles!" Chriss said

"Franklin, listen to us." Rachel said then Franklin looked at them with teary eyes

"You keep acting like a drama king." Finn said

"You keep walking out of the choir room! why do you think you'll receive an Emmy for that?!" Rachel asked

"You keep saying that nobody understands you, then maybe you should just quit!" Finn said

"And you keep on making remarks about Shelby getting an abortion, who are you to say that?" Rachel asked

"He's your long long lost brother you loud mouthed beast." Ariana said

"You're mother can't have him because he's not a Corcoran anymore." Santana said

"He was adopted Rachel, he's situtation was far worse than yours was." Blaine said

"What, is this true?" Rachel asked in a stutter

"Ofcourse it's true you Loudness Monster--!" Ariana said

"No, Aria,Blaine,Santana stop, that's enough, i get all your point." Franklin said then stood up to leave then Rachel grabbed him

"Wait-wait-wait-wait Franklin are you really my brother?" Rachel asked

"Yes" Franklin said then leaves

Rachel then starts crying and Finn sat down and covered his face with his palms

Then everybody was shocked


The Next Day.

The New Directions and The McKinley Runways entered the choir room, except for Kate and Charlie

Then the alumnis arrived

"Hey guys, so have any of you heard from Franklin?" Rachel said

"No, ever since you slammed the door on his face." Ariana said

"Ariana, stop" Cameron said

"Okay, Ariana,Chriss and Franchessca since the three of you are clearly Franklin's closest friends, you happen to know what's going on?" Finn asked

"No, because ever since he learned about Ms. Corcoran being his mom, he just turned into a new person, but not in a good way." Franchessca said

"Nobody really understanded what he was going through." Ariana said

"That's why he started pushing people away,including us." Chriss

"Okay, that's it guys split in groups and look for Franklin." Finn said

"No need." then Franklin enters the choir room "I'm already here."

"Franklin, i just wanna say-" Rachel said

"Can you guys please sit down? i wanna say something." Franklin said, then Rachel nodded

"So what do you wanna say?" Finn asked

"I just wanna say, i'm sorry, i'm sorry about everything, pushing you all away was wrong, i never thought there are people that care about me." Franklin said "So i wanna thank Blaine, he made me feel that i wasn't alone and he also gave me the feeling of having a brother"

"You're welcome" Blaine silently said and started tearing up

"And also Tina and Santana, eventhough you guys don't really know me, you defended me, which is weird but awesome." Franklin said

Santana and Tina then laughed at the same time

"And to you guys Franchessca,Ariana and Chriss the three of you are my bestest friends and i love you for giving me stupid love advices that makes me laugh, laugh at me when i trip on something and you guys don't let me do stupid things alone, i love you guys." Franklin said then Franchessca,Ariana and Chriss started crying and in the same time laughing

"We love you too." Ariana said

"Which is why, it's hard for me to leave." Franklin said then everybody was shocked

"What did you just said?" Chriss asked

"Franklin, you don't need to do this." Franchessca said

"Yeah, i can be miserable with you, you're my bestfriend." Ariana said

"No, i had enough, i'm getting you guys involved in this mess." Franklin said

"We don't care" Franchessca said

"Stop." Franklin said

Then Ariana stood up to talk to Franklin "Franklin, please"

"I need to go." Franklin said then left the choir room.


While walking by the hallways, Everytime starts playing

"Notice me Take my hand Why are we Strangers when Our love is strong Why carry on without me?"

Then the scene switches to the auditorium, Blaine,Franchessca,Ariana and Chriss are watching him

"Everytime I try to fly I fall without my wings I feel so small I guess I need you baby And everytime I see you in my dreams I see your face, it's haunting me I guess I need you baby" Franklin sang

"I may have made it rain Please forgive me My weakness caused you pain And this song is my sorry Ohhhh At night I pray That soon your face Will fade away"

Then at the hallways, Franklin continues walking

"And everytime I try to fly I fall without my wings I feel so small I guess I need you baby And everytime I see you in my dreams I see your face, you're haunting me I guess I need you baby"

Franklin then opens the door of the school

"FRANKLIN!" Ariana,Franchessca and Chriss shouted

"Don't look back Franklin, don't" then he leaves