Los Angeles
Season Two, Episode Twenty-One
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Los Angeles is the twenty-first chapter in the fanfic, Glee: The Second Generation, this episode is the second Nationals episode. 


Its Nationals and the New Directions are getting very nervous about the competition, Franchessca gets a call-back for "Wicked".Natalia will meet someone that will definitely drive a wedge between her and Walker. Vocal Adrenaline will ruin New Directions' chances of competing at Nationals by destorying the Nationals costume and sabotage the transportation. Skyler will learn that it's not always about winning. Will New Directions endure the problems and compete at Nationals?

Special Guest StarsEdit

  • Nicki Minaj as herself,guest judge
  • Birdman as himself
  • Lil Wayne as himself
  • Rihanna as herself
  • Chris Brown as himself, guest judge
  • One Direction as themselves
  • Demi Lovato as herself, guest judge
  • Lady Gaga as herself, guest judge


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Yoü and I Lady Gaga Louis Tomlinson,DJ Smythe-Pierce,Niall Horan, Britney Jackson and Franklin Montgomery
Girlfriend Icona Pop

The Trouble Belles

   Don't Wake Me Up Chris Brown Dalton Academy Warblers
TBA TBA Vocal Adrenaline
Applause Lady Gaga Louis Tomlinson, DJ Smythe-Pierce, Niall Horan, Franklin Montgomery and The McKinley Runaways

Made in the USA

Demi Lovato Franklin Montgomery with New Directions Boys
Beauty and a Beat Justin Bieber feat. Nicki Minaj New Directions


At a Forest, everyone is walking looking very exhausted. On the other hand Franklin and DJ are running around filming thereselves with DJ's iPhone while Beauty and a Beat is playing

As they are recordring they are lip syncing to the song.

"Guys! stop acting like dumb girls who make Call Me Maybe videos." Chriss said

"Learn to live a little." Franklin said "But he's right. No more lip sync videos."

"Yeah, so here we are in a forest somewhere in LA taking a shortcut to a theather just to perform for our Nationals competiton." DJ said while filming himself

"So if someone finds this footage, please." Franklin said while DJ is filming him "Post this on YouTube with the title: The Blair Bitch Project." 

"Guys, this isn't funny." Kate said