Nikki Levine
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Occupation(s): Student,Vocal Adrenaline member,Captain of the Azules
Aliases: Nik-Nik
Family & Friends
Relationships: Luke Christopherson (boyfriend)
Friends: Steffi Prescott

Franklin Montgomery
Luke Christopherson

Enemies: Ariana Styles

Franchessca Gray
New Directions

Other Information
Interests: Cheerleading and Glee Club
Clique: Vocal Adrenaline and Azules
Education: Carmel Highschool
Talent: Singing,Cheerleading,Dancing
Strengths: Vocals,Dancing
Weaknesses: Bitchy Mood
Series Information
First appearance: A Twist in Regionals
Portrayer: Hayden Panetierre
Nikki Grace Levine is a new character in the fanfic, Glee: The Second Generation, she is a member of Vocal Adrenaline and the captain of Carmel High's cheerleading team The Azules


Nikki is very rude, very rude than Britney Jackson,Spencer Carter and Amelia Meyer, she always wants her way, she is the captain of Carmel High's cheerleading team and students are afraid of her/hate her,But she treats her friends differently,she loves her friends so much and she would destory anyone that would get in her way