The McKinley Runaways


I Am Unicorn


William McKinley Highschool


Sue Sylvester (current)
Shelby Corcoran (former)
Will Schuester (former)


2nd Place - 2011 Sectionals
Tied - 2012 Sectionals
2nd Place - 2013 Regionals


As The Troubletones-(Active since I Am Unicorn to Hold On To Sixteen intergrated to New Directions since On My Way end in Nationals active again since Old Rivals,New Rivals to Skyfall) as The McKinley Runaways (started in So It Begins ended in Regionals, once again intergrated to the New Directions in When the Big Apple....Bites

The McKinley Runaways (formerly called "The Troubletones") is the second glee club based inWilliam McKinley High School, is a subsidiary of New Directions The club was started when Al Motta privately donated enough money to Principal Figgins to allow for the continuation of an additional show choir which heavily featured his daughter, Sugar. On Al Motta's request, Principal Figgins summoned Shelby Corcoran from New York to direct the group. Later, Mercedes convinced fellow glee clubbers Santana and Brittany to join The Troubletones alongside her, which forced Sugar into the background of all the group performances.

Songs PerformedEdit

As The Troubletones:Edit

Song Title Original Artist Soloist(s) Episode
Set Fire To The Rain Adele Bridget and Sugar Old Rivals,New Rivals
Boys and Girls/Mama Do Pixie Lott Bridget,Chriss,Sugar,Franklin,Cameron,Charlie and Eden The Back Up Plan
Pumped Up Kicks Foster The People Chriss,Charlie,Sugar,Bridget,Eden,Cameron and Vivian The Back Up Plan
On The Floor/Blood On The Dancefloor Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull/Michael Jackson Eden,Chriss,Bridget,Sugar,Franklin and Charlie The Monster Mash
Only Girl Rihanna Bridget L'inattendu


Former memberss:

Former membes (The Troubletones):Edit

Temporary Members:Edit

Setlist of CompetitionsEdit

As The Troubletones:Edit

Sectionals, 2011:

Regionals, 2012:

Nationals, 2012:

  • Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga. Solos by Santana, Mercedes, Quinn and Tina

Sectionals, 2012:

  • Only Girl (In The World) by Rihanna. Solos by Bridget

As The McKinley RunawaysEdit

Regionals, 2013:

  • Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson. Solos by Britney, Amelia, Spencer and Cameron
  • Die Young by Ke$ha. Solos by Eden and Bridget
  • Half of Me by Rihanna. Solos by Chriss

Nationals, 2013:

Nationals, 2014:

  • Applause by Lady Gaga. Solos by Louis, Britney,DJ,Chriss,Spencer,Niall,Bridget, Kate and Franklin