The Singathons is the glee club at the school in Indiana, Cloverfield Highschool, it is directed by Patch Evans, the club will face New Directions at the upcoming Regionals competition.

As of World War Regionals, after losing Regionals for the 2nd time in a row the club is disbanded.

Known Members:Edit

Setlist of CompetitionsEdit

Sectionals, 1st YearEdit


  • Rockstar by Nickleback. Solos by DJ

Regionals, 1st YearEdit


  • Beautiful Sinner by Nicki Minaj. Solos by DJ
  • Only Wanna Dance With You by Ke$ha. Solos by DJ

Regionals, 2nd YearEdit


  • Knockout by Lil Wayne feat. Nicki Minaj. Solos by Cameron,Britney and Carina